Monday, July 19, 2004


Stigmata of Poo

I've discovered that I'm not really the nicest person in the universe. This might come as a surprise to anyone who knows me, as I know you all think of me as "Saint Rabbitch" but sometimes it's just all I can do to not trip old ladies in the street.

We have a woman who lives here. She's very nice and has always been sociable, and truly the only thing I have against her is that she's older than me, weighs at least 40 lbs less and looks younger. Oh yeah, and her boyfriend is sort of hot, too.

Anyhow, she has this car that she adores. It cost about half of what I earn in a year, gross (and what I earn in a year is gross indeed) and she worries about the little kids in the neighbourhood harming it. There are many little kids next door and she doesn't like that they're always out drawing with sidewalk chalk.

Obviously, something like this can only lead to mass vehicular destruction, so we traded parking spots so that her car would be further away from such perils.

I got home last night and discovered that the universe had pinged her on the head, by delivering this little treat onto her vehicle. I have a feeling that bird poop is more acidic than sidewalk chalk.

Anyhow, while I was standing out there tonight, chortling at her misfortune in a rabbitly but unkind manner, all of a sudden a large blob of birdpoo appeared on the back window of my car. There were no birds about, it was well after midnight. I have no idea how it got there. I'm assuming it was some sort of vehicular stigmata.

Guess I got told off.

On a more cheerful note, I took time off this weekend from perusing the websites of all of the hot Russian teens who keep sending me emails that they're waiting eagerly for my visit to their sites to engage in kidly birthday celebrations on Saturday. My daughter and her friends got to ride a pony for quite some time and there was an abundance of celebration and presents of a pink and Barbie nature. I then filled all of the children with sugar and sent them home to their parents. I'm kind that way.

On the knitting front, I worked the four to midnight shift at my 'other' job both nights this weekend, and in between saving old ladies who had fallen and couldn't get up and answering important medical questions such as "my finger hurts, should I come in to emergency?" I managed to get 22 rows of The Blanket That Ate New York done. I should have it finished by the end of August. I also got a few rows of a dishcloth completed and worked a little on the "Tell Me I'm A Tard Tank".

Hope your week finds you a little less manic than I'm feeling at the moment.

You are a riot! Rock on, Rabbitch!
*mwah* from PeeWee
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