Saturday, July 17, 2004


Now That I Am Nostalgia Caldera

I keep getting spam. Weird spam. That is this week's best title, although "Now That I am Wince Wool" came a close second. At least there was fibre content.

I had a date tonight. With my husband. We went out and drank too much (at least I did) and listened to Miss Kate Hammett-Vaughan sing her heart out. It was a good night.

Kate, for anyone who is not up on Vancouver's jazz scene, is one of our most magnificent divas (although she'd likely poke me in the noze if she heard I'd called her a diva). She is a very talented and generous lady. Anyone who has the chance to hear her should do so, posthaste.

And now for some knitting stuff, seeing I promised it. I have been working on and off on this blanket.

I used the waffle stitch from the baby ensmble and it would have been good on maybe a 5mm needle. In my wisdom I decided that a 6mm would be better.

It wasn't, but now I'm 1/3 through the blanket I think I should finish it. It'll be pretty, just lighter than I had hoped.

I also hope I haven't used up too much of the yarn (Phentex Dynasty, fairly nasty ACKryklic) on other projects so that I can't finish this one.

Sometimes hope is all we have.

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