Thursday, July 15, 2004


Crafting as Revenge

I thought i'd make myself feel like a marginally-competent knitter by posting a couple of things that I actually HAVE finished before moving on to the pain of the UFOs, many of which will be posted in days to come, as I seem to have a passion for public humiliation.

So ... we all know Fibre Artists (formerly known as crafters) are dear sweet little old ladies, sitting about doing good works day and night, knitting socks for the bereaved in Boloshnia. And none of us would ever use our power for evil, right?


Behold. My first Crafting as Revenge project.

and further thusly:

Pepto-Bismol (tm) pink. About a size 11, I would think. With large pig ears on them.

They were one of the first things I completed when I picked up my needles two or three years ago. I gave 'em to my brother for Christmas, seeing he collects pigs. Fortunately he's as much of a lunatic as I am and he loved them and wears them frequently. They scare the shit out of his cat (which is hardly my problem, as the shit of his cat is in HIS apartment and not my home. My cat is a lady and goes in the neighbour's garden).

Not all of my projects are evil though!

Behold, a bunnie in all its glory:


And more!

This is one of my favourite patterns. Easy to make (the body is all one square) and even though I'm an excruciatingly-slow knitter, I can make one in an evening if I really concentrate.

Which, as you may not find startling, is something I have trouble doing for six hours in a row ...

Lunatic brother here! The slippers do get looks, especially when I go to check the mail and forget to wear pants, which doesn't happen more than once a week...maybe twice.
Aaaaaahhhh! The visuals! Thank you for sharing.
wow. piggy slippers. and the bunnies- puff is speechless...
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