Tuesday, July 20, 2004


buns of navarone

Firstly, a big shout out to my blog buddy Marcia. You give good font, baybee. You knit nice, too.

All right everyone, sing along with me ... "Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be crackhos ..." (According to the lovely ladies at Tomato Nation, that is the correct plural. Check out their "Vine" advice column!)

I understand that my idea of fashionable begins and ends with the phrase "not wearing too much vomit" and I am therefore perchance not the arbiter of all things trendy. I also understand that Western society places too much negative emphasis on body image and that we should celebrate our differences.

That being said, who in the purple screaming fuck thought it might be a good idea for thousands, perhaps millions, of overweight young women to start wearing pants so low that I could see right up the cracks of their asses? That's not celebrating your differences, ladies! There is very little difference between one asscrack and the next, except now I know who waxes.

Girls, if you must, you may show me your tits (you know you want to) but this is a little much. I know that there is not a great chance that this is some sort of nation-wide conspiracy directed specifically at me, but I'm starting to take it personally. Unless immediate and comprehensive crack-coverage commences, I'm going to start carrying a bucket of ice cubes with me.

Consider yourselves warned.

Now I have that little bit of nastiness out of my system (relax, there will be plenty more) I'd just like to take a moment to ask that if there are any knitters or crocheters or quilters out there with a little spare time and energy on their hands, this, for the Canadians and that, for the Americans amongst us are a couple of agencies who are doing work I strongly admire and who could use whatever help you can offer.

Some of the blankets are gorgeous, and every single one makes a difference.

On the personal knitting front, I managed to achieve completion of one whole row on the Binkie of Beelzebub today. Think I'm gonna crack me a beer, put on the DVD of the second season of Six Feet Under and see if I can get a couple more rows done. That is if She Who Must Be Eternally Placated will let me.

I now leave you with these words of wisdom gleaned from today's best spam: eggplant ballerinas defined by 3.

You, Rabbitch need to come over here and wipethe diet vanilla coke off my damned keyboard!


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