Wednesday, July 14, 2004


And So The Rabbitch is Born ...

Hey. Nice of you to visit.

It would seem that I've got me a blog. I'm thinking it's mostly going to be about knitting.

And stuff.

I'm a little apprehensive about revealing too much personal information in such a public forum (that being said you just KNOW I'm going to be posting pictures of my hooters by month's end, don't you?). Having heard of some rather nasty consequences that have come about from other bloggers referring to their employers as "mouth-breathing fucksplats" or something equally complimentary and then getting googled, I'm thinking that it's going to be fairly heavy on the fiber content and fairly light on the amusing-but-possibly-actionable character assassination.

Besides, mine aren't mouthbreathers.

Anyhow, before y'all sit and get comfy with a beer and peer into my life through the magic glass square in front of your beady little eyes, I suppose I'd better put up some sort of warning. This is my blog. I have a tendency to be a pottymouth. If you don't want to read cusswords, go read someone else. If you want to email me and TELL me I'm a pottymouth, please note that that's what I said already, so there's a good chance I know. I'm also evil and if you send me a really nasty email you'll find it published here. With headers intact.

And if you think I'm an egotistical cow, a) I'm a rabbit, not a cow and b) I've got a blog. If that ain't ego, what is?

Oh yes, and please feel free to post anything you like in the comments section, but if you feel like being a total twat and I don't like it I'll take it out. It's my blog, after all, and contrary to popular opinion, fat people aren't always jolly.

And now, hoping that there's still one person out there who hasn't been completely put off by my attitude, I think I'll post this and then put together some knitting stuff to post about so I'm not a great big liar.

Well, about this, anyhow.

A fat, drunken, evil, pottymouthed, knitting, blogging rabbit? Hubba hubba! *smep*
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