Thursday, July 15, 2004


And Now For Some Knitting Content

All right, I've had this blog for a whole three hours, have changed the URL once, and am now annoyed that I don't know how to engage in linkage (can you even do that on this thingie?) or post pictures.

Please bear with me as I experiment. I know there are help files, but I've never been one to RTFM and I'm not going to start now. I'm stupid (but endearing ... don't forget endearing) that way.

I've been working on The Shapely Tank, found at and have so far come up with this:

Due to my utter disdain of the requirement of actually READING the frigging ball bands, every ball of this cotton, although allegedly of the same shade, is distinctly different. I am thinking of naming it the "I'm too stupid to read a ball band" tank. I'm rather hoping it will look artistic, however I suspect it will look like complete ass, and that I'm going to have to frog it, make dishcloths, give them away and pretend that I meant to do that.

If I never post about it again, please pretend this never happened.

On a good note, I just received some exceptionally delicious yarn as a present, concealed in a large box of kidly goodness that my daughter received for her fourth birthday.

This yarn is trés funky (and not the kind of funky that smells bad), being 45% cotton, 45% acrylic and 10% polyester, soft as a ... um ... a really soft thing, and somehow seems to have the yarn twisted open, not cut or broken, and then 2" bits of chenille grafted into it. Don't ask me how it was done. Those Dutch folks are cunning. No wonder they own all of the tulips! I got ten balls of this:

Exceptionally good giftage and I hope to make it into some sort of slinky thing that will catch all of the boys' eyes.

My husband doesn't let me date. I just like collecting eyes.

I knew it would be good. But it's even better than that.
Holy shit. When did Eleanor's hair get so LONG?
Thank you, Marcia. Kind words from someone with a lot more experience than I have in this field!

Michelle -- Eleanor's hair is growing exponentially, as is she. We're thinking of trimming it (the hair, not the child) but can't yet bring ourselves to apply scissors to her curly locks. Come back and visit us again and you can do it *g*
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