Monday, December 31, 2007


Imagine ...

So, imagine you had a dog. A dog you loved and who had never done anyone any harm, and who didn't deserve to have bad things happen to it.

(that part is called foreshadowing, brace yourself)

And imagine you took it out for a walk in the snow.

(here comes the bad part)

And then imagine you got run over by some yahoo on a snowmobile and ended up in the hospital bigtime, and your dog got hurt even worse.

(see? i told you it wasn't nice)

Imagine, then, that your dog could be saved, but not without a huge infusion of cash, which you don't have because thanks the no-socialized-medicine system your family is also trying to pay to get all of your insides put back together.

Now imagine further that you met a really good vet who fixed up your dog as best he could, and who wrote off $700 of his own fees and also tapped his clinic's assistance fund for some of the rest of it.

Imagine how happy you'd be if total strangers helped that dog out. No tax write-offs, no fame, no glory, just sending some cash to a total stranger in return for sincere thanks.

Imagine you're not that guy at all, but that instead you're you and aren't in the hospital worrying about your smooshed dog, and that you happen to have a few dollars left after the Hexmess depredations on your budget.

How 'bout you stop imagining, hit that PayPal button and send it to Dr. Mel? And then send me a note at teh.bunnei at gmail dot com and I'll put your name in the hat for a few things like Debbie Stoller's Stitch N Bitch Nation, some stitch markers and some big fat yarn to knit up into scarves (and some roving, if you're a spinner, dyed to your specs).

You game? (Um, I suppose "game" isn't a great word to use when talking about mooshed animals but you know what I mean)

You up for the challenge? We put Rachael's cat Digit back together. I'll bet if we all pull together we can do the same for Phoebe.

I'll just bet we can.

(thus endeth the final broadcast for 2007 of the Annoying Do-Goodery Channel)

OMG! How horrible. I do hope that they sue the person who ran them down. And while dogs are "property", they should get as much as they can for "damage" to "property". Donations made from each of the fur beasts here.
You got it, hon. Thanks for helping out by spreading the word.
De-lurking to say donation sent. Thanks for spreading the word. Poor Phoebe and family...hope recoveries go smoothly.
Done. I wish all pets in trouble had you to advocate for them. Enough with 2007 already.
Oh fine. Our family donated some money to help that poor dog, but I'll deny it if anybody says I'm a nice person. Especially you.

I'm also crushed that you don't have my blog in your sidebar. Sigh.

Happy New Year, you old bitch. :)
Our dogs and cats sent a donation. The flying squirrels -- little bitches -- said they wouldn't support anything that might encourage a dog to chase them. Hmmmph.

Yeah, why don't you read MY blog either, huh? And put it on your sidebar so everyone in the world will know about it? Sheesh. What's a Katâ„¢ gotta do to get some recognition around here? :)
Dude, I'm in. Email sent. Nobody should have to worry about critters like this.
I am so obedient. Donation made.
You are an annoying dogooder... (not really, but....). This story (about the accident and charging of crime, not about the dog) has been all over the news here. I did my dogood thing early there... had a student once, he and his seeing eye dog were killed by a hit and run. Drivers like these need to craxh into each other, not everybody else.
Donation left - hope they throw the book at the idiot driver
Donation made. I hope they find the idiot who did this and toss him/her (?) into jail.
donation made. Since my husband doesn't know what goes into the paypal account, he doesn't know what comes out of it...
Those poor people. It's a bad way to start the year. I hope nothing like that happens to my fuzzies.
My fur girls and I donated-I can't stand it when the expenses are what holds back treatment. Poor Phoebe!
All my furry kids and I donated and will continue to send healing thoughts for all.
Even if I hadn't wanted to, Chappy would have insisted. And, done! Along with prayers heading their way.... (sniffle)
Poor thing! My cats sent a donation in as long as they don't have to go to the vet themselves!
Nice work, bunny girl.
My three dogs just sent a little donation for Phoebe. Thanks for getting the word out. I'd be devastated if anything like this happened to my dogs.
Leo gave a little. :)
You have mine also; thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention!
A donation sent from us (IHO our dogs current and past) who trust us to take care of them. Damn someone who causes suffering to any human or animal. Hope they throw the library at the jerk.
Simon and Highland sent a donation too. Padua is still working off his $1500. in vet bills incurred last month, so he didn't contribute, but he's sending purrs and good vibes anyway. Thanks to Mel for doing this!!
The cats, fish and I sent some money for Phoebe. I hope for a speedy recovery for her and her owner.
We just had to put our dog down last night, so it seemed only fitting that I make a donation in Abi's name.

In the name of all the animals I've had and the animals I have today. If anything happened to one of them I'd only hope that someone would help them out like this too.

And they better nail that yahoo on the snowmobile.
Sad that it takes something like that to get me to delurk...

That's just wrong. Donation made from my cats and I. Hope both are well soon.
Done. I hope that Snowmobile guy gets into serious trouble over all this ...
My furball is willing to chip in some cash. After all, she's sitting cosily inside eating cookies.
Left a donation; do-goodery is not a bad thing, karma-ically-speaking.
This is my first time on your blog-I'll definitely be back. Always nice to read a fellow Canadian.
It just makes me go and cuddle our own furry relatives, and then hit that button. Perhaps we'll all become honorary "vets without borders..."
All 7 of my hounds ante-ed up, and sweet talked my OSH to put in her few cents worth. They've given me strict instructions - if I get yet another rescue, it has to be a bitch, and must be called Phoebe. After a quick group discussion we've added Phoebe to our prayers. "Speedy recovery sweetheart, hope you are back with your family soon."
I kicked in a bit. Thanks so much for spreading the word!
Animals and small children don't understand when they're hurt. I'm happy to help.

I left a little, this so sad makes me wanna cry.
More than happy to help. Thanks to all who spread the word.
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