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C'mon People Now

edited to add: i am able to add titles now, but only if i use the shift+tab thingie. i shall just think of blogger as another dryer. it works, but only sort of, and only when it wants to ... thanks for all of the suggestions!

Love is just a song we sing,
Fear's the way we die.
You can make the mountains ring,
Or make the angels cry.

Though the bird is on the wing,
and you may not know why.

Come on people now
smile on your brother
everybody get together
and try to love one another right now

Yeah, I'm all granola and Birkenstocks and I think we've known that for some time now, yes?

So seeing Ann's mentioned it several times, I might as well out myself here. I'm doing a drive for washcloths, for the Women's Information Safe House. This is an agency that provides services to survival sex workers on Vancouver's Downtown East Side. We're a very prosperous and wealthy city, however ironically we also have the poorest neighbourhood in all of Canada.

Most of these ladies aren't out there by choice, however poverty and addiction have driven them to sell what most of us give away for free through love, affection, or fun.

They don't have a choice.

The Woman's Information Safe House provides coffee, showers, food, educational resources, and sometimes a place to crash for an hour or two.

Most social services are on very limited budgets, and although WISH can provide towels, washcloths are out of the question (as they are at all shelters that I have dealt with through the years).

So ... every single one of these ladies is someone's daughter. Many are someone's sister, mother or auntie. For a multitude of reasons, their families can't or won't take care of them (often their families don't know how they are making their living, which falls into the "can't" category in my books). We can't get everyone off the streets and we can't support everyone. Hell, I have trouble supporting my own family, as you know. However ... we can make a washcloth so that they have something handmade to wash themselves with.

There will be prizes, and the deadline will be like October or something. I have to finish posting the hat prize thingie that I did last year first.

But if anyone would like to knit a washcloth or three ... gentlepersons, start your engines.

My goal is 100. Ann's done something like sixteen already so I don't think we'll have too much trouble getting there.

I loves ya.

Handily, I happen to have some washcloth yarn. Which I think you gave to me. S'pose I should make something useful, eh? ;-)
A warshcloth or 2 won't dent my stash a bit. Count me in for a couple. We've got to do what we can do.
Hey! There's no title ::g::

Count me in for 20. Mostly pinque.
Count me for a couple too. Feel free to hound me relentlessly about them, should you find yourself with some free time ;)
Count me in.

You're a very good woman; don't even try to deny it!
Did you get the two I sent in the post? I'll try and get some more in...
Absolutely, count me in ... a minimum size you need?

An excuse to go buy more Fantasy Naturale ... thanks much! :-)

Also, where are we mailing these?
As I am in the midst of a warshcloth blitz myself -- we will sell them at the Friends of the Library booth at the county fair -- I definitely have at least a couple to spare. Where do we send them?

Blessings on you, Bunnybitch :)
I'm up for it, once baby knitting purgatory is over next month.
We're all in, my daughters and I. I'll bring it up at tomorrow's 'knit night' as well... just tell me where to send 'em! btw, my mom is mortified I shared some of the horrors of my upbringing with you... and I left out the bad stuff! heh, heh Cami
You got it, hon. We'll blow that goal to smithereens. Just tell us where to send 'em.
I have a lot of Elann Sonata and would love to make a few washclothes. How big should they be? Is it OK if they're crocheted?
Count me in! Is there a minimum size? Or anything else to go w/ the wash cloths (soaps, shampoo, etc?) you'd like?
Let me make a couple and THEN I'll ask where to send.
Anyone willing to tell a novice knitter what kind of yarn to purchase?
If so, I'll make a few washcloths!!
Blogger was doing the same to me with the titles. I worked around it by clicking in the main window for typing the post, then shift+tab to go back to the title box. I don't know why, but it worked.
pff - a 100. You better have a drink before you get avalanched with washcloths - I'll do my best to see that you do.

Oh, and I'll donate a prize, too.

do good, doo good, do goodr
How do you feel about woven washcloths? I have kitchen cotton, and while I don't like to knit with it, I find 4" Weavette squares quite pleasant, and could seam 4 together. Once I've made them, I'll find out where to send them.
Sign me up and give me an address, eh? I've got three washcloths sitting here looking for a home, and likely will cast on another tonight. Good for you. You have some good karma due coming back to you, hopefully in the form of new electronic devices....
If you're not adverse to crocheted cloths (and maybe woven - hadn't thought about that before), I'm in.

Only 100? Pish posh. Bet you blow right by that goal.
i will make some.
i have a friend who works in vancouver with some of the girls--so i'd love to help in a little way.
We can totally make more than 100. Count me in for some knitting and a prize. I'm going stash diving, if I'm not back in a day or two, send help!
I'm in.
i couldn't get a title on mine either, don't feel bad.

you can count me in. i've got a cone of pink/black/white, that i'vegot no use for.
How ironic..I've had some great knit time the last month with my Mother being in it's been wash cloth knitting..any specifics?..Count me in for a few..I admire folks that are willing to host these sort of projects...thanks
100? Um, you'd better warn your mailman/mailwoman! Surely you know by now that knitters will blow any goal completely out the window. 100? I'll bet that there's some knitter out there who will donate 100 all by themselves, or with their knitting group. Watch for it!

Oh, and I'm in for a few for sure!
Im in for at least a few. Itll give me something to do while Im out housesitting for my mum as well. XD
I'm just a few days behind in reading my bloglines, but I'm sure I can dig some cotton out of my stash to knit you a couple washclothes at the very least.
hang in there sister!
I've never knit a wash cloth, never thought I would, but for this I will, I know there's cotton somewhere in the stash.
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