Monday, December 19, 2005


It's Beginning to Look a Lot ...

... like the beginning of November, or something. Yeah. I could use about six weeks to get finished up here.

Notwithstanding the creeping sense of reality that is beginning to nibble at the edges of my delusion, I would like to point out that I actually ~am~ making some sort of progress.


the second set of my two-set order of stitch markers; completed, as promised, before xmass

These were mailed today and will reach the recipient either Wednesday or Thursday. Yay for ExpressPost! Picture's a little fuzzy, apologies.

I took these up to my mother's house on the way to the post office and she liked them. A lot. She's never used a stitch marker in her life so I'm not going to give her a set now, but I'm going to make two of the ones with the plain green beads, put them on shepherd-hooks and ta-daa! Earrings. Some handmade slippers (specifically requested) and some custom-made earrings she can boast on (complete with antique glass beads) will pretty well take care of the presents for her.

I was going to give my brother's partner four dishcloths and a bottle of red wine, but I was busy knitting on the third dishcloth last night and fell so in love with the pale grey/blue/lilac soft-soft cotton that I was agonizing over casting it off when it reached dishcloth length. I sat there, waiting for someone to give me permission to keep on knitting it and make a scarf and maybe ... *shock* ... keep it for myself.

I finally gave myself a shake. I give EVERYThing I make away, no matter how much I love it. In fact if it's yarn and I love it I often have to give that away also. WTF? I'm not Mother Teresa, dude.

I'm a little tired of being invisible and waiting for permission. I can have a scarf. The boy can make do with two or three dishcloths and some liquor (he's not expecting anything and would be thrilled with even ONE dishcloth. One of the nicest men I've met.) I put the blue/grey/lilac on a spare needle and it will be finished after the festivities are over. She's mine.

I think I still have a chance of making the deadline for The Christmas Knitting. You'll note that even though I added one more item (the scarf) it's not really for Christmas so it doesn't count.

And I added the earrings for Mum but those will take an hour at most. And they're not knitting.

And I'm thinking about making slippers for my father, also, but those aren't officially on The List yet so shut up.

Just. Shut. Up.

I'm perfectly fine.

Good progress. I'm on item the last, myself, with plans to cast on another.


Love the markers.
Those stitch markers are simply divine!

And it's about damn time you made something for yourself. Sheesh. ;)
You just keep telling yourself you're fine, dear, and we won't spoil it for you. And YES, 'bout damn time you made something for yourself!
Good for you.
you've hit on my biggest pet peeve .... knitting seems to be the only 'hobby' where the hobbyist is in a constant state of making for others. Do people ask woodworkers for furniture? gardeners to come over and dig? this really pisses me off. Start knitting for yourself. Give everyone else the gift of knitting lessons.
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