Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I'm Half-Warped

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Guess what I've been doing with my copious free time?

No, really. Guess.

This is an old LeClerc Medico 22" table loom I got from Craigslist for a song a few weeks ago. It was dusty but otherwise in great shape -- no rust, nothing weird going on.

LeClerc doesn't make this model any more, but I'm pretty happy with it. It's way less intimidating than the floor loom and far more useful than the little lap loom I seem to have been making bunny saddles on.

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The Dreaded Warping Board.

The loom came with accessories (a book and a couple of shuttles) but this came with my other table loom. Apparently it's completely reasonable in my world to not weave and yet to have four looms.

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I found my path ...

After a few rough starts I figured out at least part of what I was doing. Sort of.

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All done. 60 ends.

The first warp got thrown out -- it was far too weak and would have snapped in moments. This will hold. I hope.

And now to do it all over again.

I never knew it took two weeks to warp a table loom ...

Happy warping! Multi talented, I tell ya!
Rockin! I can't wait to see what you weave!
I'm waiting for impossibility drive before I get a loom.

Woof! Is there a fiber art you don't do? I can't wait to see what you're using for the weft!
Weaving....that's one I've held back on because I sense it might become a passion out of my control....just watching you warp is filling my already over-burdened brain with many ideas!

go, rabbitch, go!
I think it's perfectly reasonable to have looms and not weave.

This is the year that I have decided that one of my looms will get warped. I even bought new heddles for my baby wolf to facilitate that.

I know that I want to weave - I have acquired 5 looms in the past 5 years.... obviously weaving is in my future.

Now that you are warping your loom, I guess I'm going to have to get off my fat ass and do so also.

Have you seen 'Learning to Weave' by Debbie Chandler? A good intro to weaving - it's on my shelf and as I'm an advanced beginner, I turn to it frequently.
"I never knew it took two weeks to warp a table loom."

Just wait until you get to the 8 harness floor loom - it's going on a year and I'm still not done warping and tying that sucker! (of course, if I spent more than an hour every couple of months, it might move a little faster.)

Any suspicion I had of your sanity?

Now gone. Completely.
I've got one very similar...a 24" Dorothy...also obtained from Craig's List for a song. Also, I don't know how to weave. Eventually, I'll gather up the bits & pieces needed and figure it out!
Yay! Another crazed almost-weaver! Go for it, weaving uses up yarn really fast and that means it's OK to get more!

Plus, it's another way to rot your brain via fiber. What else is there in life?
Half warped, who are you kidding, you are definitely "fully warped"....
OMG, I have the same loom! Bought it for a song and dance after the local university did away with their weaving classes.

It currently sits in my basement, warped and ready to go again, as soon as I dig it out from under the other crap that is there.
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