Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Clearly I am Brilliant

That, or I give good guess.

You paid attention during 91% of high school!

85-100% You must be an autodidact, because American high schools don't get scores that high! Good show, old chap!

Do you deserve your high school diploma?
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With thanks to Marcia.

I dyed some wool for Wendy's Heifer thingie last night, being finally too fed up with our water situation to wait any longer, and it's quite nice in my Not So Humble Opinion.

In a tizzy today but hopefully there will be a picture tomorrow.


Just sayin'
Ha. 97 here, too. Clearly we knitbloggers are genius.
91, BUT except for the science questions, I didn't know ANY of the answers in high school. And what the fuck was that immaculate conception question doing in there? [no pun intended] [and yes, i know it's mary. but why or how i know beats me.]

91% for me too.

the only question I didn't know was the one about the area of a right triangle. who gives a rat's ass? but that was NOT one of the answers (hee hee).
Even better - I'm 92% Canadian!
86% percent. Clearly I'm not nearly as smart as the rest of you. Maybe I got my age wrong? Or my gender? Do you think they count that?

I am proud to say I'm 100% Canadian though (like there was ever any doubt!)
Don't feel bad Leanne; I only got 84%! Damn, I thought I was smarter than that, but then, I AM a dumb American.
Errr... I feel compelled to honesty, but so want to lie. I got 51%! 51! Let's hope I was having fun. Gee, I've had a very successful career and did fine in college, so what was high school for??
Well, I got 86%.....
And I haven't even been inside an american high school (I'm living in Sweden).
Guess that's questions asked everywhere.
I got 91 too, but I sure as hell don't remember paying much attention in high school.

Carrie, in my case, high school (at least boarding school) was for trying out all sorts of things that hopefully you wouldn't find too enthralling so by the time you went to college, you were over it. And actually made/found time to study.
I got 97%, cuz I know I got the area-of-a-triangle question wrong. Rat's ass indeed.

On the other hand, I felt emboldened by the result to take a random quiz & found that, according to the innernet authority, I'm only 28% Christian. So much for that.
91 too..
ain't we 'bout smart!

I wish I knew which one(s) I missed... there was one I dithered over...
75%, but considering how many classes I cut during HS . . . no, really, I think I cut more classes than I attended my freshman year.
91 here! I wonder which question(s) I got wrong....
Oh, and I cheated on the right triangle question...I took the area of the rectangle 2 of them would form, and divided it in half.
that sort of thing is good for figuring square footage in oh, say offices and houses...
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