Friday, May 27, 2005



Not a lot of blogging going on this weekend seeing I've scheduled two back-to-back double shifts (I'm poverty-stricken, not intelligent) so I will resort to quoting stuff from the newspaper in a vain attempt to make myself believe I am "writing stuff".

Today's horoscope, after seemingly advising me to either have an affair or go cavort in the woods or something, ends with "Find ways to express yourself creatively. Don't worry about being a professional or anything. You're a verb, not a noun. It's the doing that counts."

Think I can find some way to use that to justify buying a loom from a friend who is getting rid of it?

I pick it up on the 16th. Answer fast plz, okbye.

of course that means you should buy the loom. btw, how much does she want for the loom - it isn't going to mean mortgage money or anything like that?
I saw this on Red Lipstick's site the other day ..... it's a free oom
She doesn't want a lot for it, she mostly wants rid of it. I owe too much money to think of spending a lot on anything.

Mortgage? I haven't had a mortgage in over a year, since I sold the leaky condo that plunged me $41k into debt ...

That posting has been deleted from the list, btw.
Just think of how much faster it will be to weave dishcloths!
owwww... I wanna be a VERB too ! Unfortunately, I think I am a dangling participle.
I hope it's a table loom? Floor looms can take over entire rooms. Go for it. Think of it as a stash-busting device.
You need justification?!!!!
go for it
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